Guidelines and House Rules

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•    All staff and residents in the facility will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.
•��   Confidentiality is a priority; never discuss who is in the facility or any details regarding their stay.  The address of the facility is to remain confidential.
�����   Personal items will be checked upon intake and after out-trips.
•    No violence of any kind will be tolerated.
•    No contraband will be permitted.
•    All medications prescribed or otherwise will be given to staff for safekeeping and taken as directed in the presence of staff.
•    No destruction or damage of property will be permitted.
•   ������Youth who go AWOL will automatically self-discharge in the following incidents: leaving the house without permission, leaving the group while on a planned activity or returning late from any pre-approved activities.
•    Residents are not to be in other youth’s bedrooms.
•    Residents are welcome to access the staff office only with the permission of staff.
•    All youth are expected to participate in group meetings, programs and household chores, including removing and rinsing their dishes and loading into the dishwasher prior to each meal and snack, doing their own laundry and keeping their rooms neat and tidy.
•    Zero tolerance of drug or alcohol use while in treatment, if caught using youth will be immediately discharged from program.
• ��  Clients personal spending money, money received or earned, shall be kept in the office for safekeeping.
•    Client use of the phone is for contacting service providers, legal guardians or for making housing arrangements only.  Approved calls can be made between 9 am and 9 pm.
•    Pre-approved guests may visit at pre-scheduled times.
•    Smoking is restricted to the designated outdoor area, and is limited to times that do not conflict with programming. There will be no smoking after 10:30 pm.
•    Youth will be in their rooms at 10:30 pm. Lights out at 11:00 pm.
•    No loud noise will be permitted out of respect for all individuals in the house.
•    No sexual activity will be permitted.  Sexual revealing materials, including pornography will not be permitted.
•    Clients are supervised by staff or legal guardian/social worker 24/7 during treatment.  Unsupervised outings may be arranged as a youth progresses through treatment and will be based on individual assessment of readiness.
•    All youth must be fully capable of maintaining themselves appropriately within a residential facility setting.
•    The Salvation Army is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings, anything of value should be given to the staff for safekeeping.

I understand and agree to follow all of these guidelines during my stay at Beacon of Hope House.
I understand and agree that these guidelines serve as my client contract with Beacon of Hope House.
I understand and agree that single or multiple infractions of these guidelines will result in dismissal from the program.

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