Who is eligible?
What is the process to get into Hope House?
Where can I detox?
Who can refer youth?
How long are stays at The Hope House?
What are the program objectives?
What services does Hope House offer?
Where is The Hope House located?
Can I smoke at Hope House?
What if I’m on the Methadone Program?
Is there a facility for females?

Q: Who is eligible?

Male Youth, aged 13 to 18, who:

• Have detoxed and been sober from drugs & alcohol for a minimum of 5 days

• Are actively in need of recovery support

• Are willing to abstain from drugs & alcohol during their stay at Hope

• Are willing to abide by house rules and guidelines

• Have a desire to become free from addiction

• Be suitable for group living situation

Q: What is the process to get into Hope House?

First, you need to fill out a referral form. This can be done online, or by calling us at 250-381-9474. After we have received your
referral, you will need to check yourself into a place where you can detox, if
you haven’t already. During this time, you can start all the necessary
paperwork that Hope House will require before intake. This paperwork will
include: obtaining a Medical Screening from a physician, an immunization record (if available) and
getting a TB test which is conducted at the local TB Clinic (Royal Jubilee
Hospital). Once these requirements are complete, our daytime staff will arrange
for you to come to Hope House for a tour, and conduct an interview to assess
your suitability for our program. After this is complete, you will be contacted
shortly to be informed if you have been accepted into the program. At this
time, Hope House staff will arrange for you to be transported to our facility.

Q: Where can I detox?

You can detox at any youth detox location.

Specialized Youth Detox in Victoria is run by the Victoria Youth Empowerment Society (250-383-3582)

For more information, feel free to contact us.

Q: Who can refer youth?

Youth can be referred by anyone. This includes social workers,
probation officers, guardians, parents, friends, or the youth themselves.

Q: How long are stays at The Hope House?

Hope House normally offers a 30, 60, or 90 day program, however
this can be extended depending on individual circumstances.

Q: What are the program objectives?

Our objectives are:

• To provide a safe, therapeutic environment for youth to begin the healing
process from their addictions, to inspire motivation, and to make positive

• To assist in the development of life skills and healthy coping mechanisms, to
promote accountability and personal responsibility, and to provide ongoing
support and aftercare to youth and families.

Q: What services does Hope House offer?

• A holistic approach to recovery

• A supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental environment

• Individual and group counseling

• Life skills training

��� Addiction education

• Relapse prevention strategies

• Social and recreational activities designed to promote healing and facilitate

��� Advocacy and referral

• A peer mentorship program

• Ongoing support and aftercare

• 24 hour telephone support

Q: Where is Hope House located?

Hope House is located on a quiet residential street in beautiful Victoria, BC.
Due to the nature of the program, the address is kept confidential until youth
are eligible for intake.

Q: Can I smoke at Hope House?

Yes, the facility has a designated area outdoors for those who smoke.

*Youth must supply their own cigarettes upon entering the program. Staff are
not responsible to purchase or supply cigarettes to youth, under any
circumstances. Cigarettes are kept locked in the office and will be handed to
youth, one at a time, upon request. Lending, borrowing, bumming, or picking up
butts outside is absolutely prohibited.

Q: Is there a facility for females?

The Salvation Army is actively working with BC Housing to find a location to
host the Beacon of Lighthouse for female youth. If you would like
more information, please contact us (250-381-9474).



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